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Comment faire la paix ?

Dans un projet international, des chercheurs de l'EPFZ ont montré les conditions dans lesquelles les belligérants sont prêts à cesser de se battre et pourquoi ils décident de le faire.



  • Between 1989 and 2020, a total of 2202 ceasefires resulted from 109 civil wars in 66 countries.
  • During particularly bloody months, conflict parties are more likely to agree to ceasefires.
  • Ceasefires often occur in the first month of a conflict. After that, it takes an average of four years for the chances to increase again.
  • Another factor that increases the likelihood of a ceasefire is when a new leader comes to power.
  • Conflict parties are more likely to stop the violence if they have a political justification for doing so.
  • Ceasefires are often used to achieve political or military objectives that are incompatible with a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Source : https://ethz.ch/en/news-and-events/eth-news/news/2022/11/why-conflict-parties-cease-fighting.html