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Apéro WATs4U

mardi 12 janvier en partenariat avec GoinGlobal sur Zoom

RDV sur zoom pour un apéro-conférence sur le secteur de la santé : https://forms.gle/o4oyJFmyJJgf9jtw9


18:30 The evolution of employment, job searching during Covid 19  

Join career expert and GoinGlobal founder Mary Anne Thompson as she explores proven strategies and tactics for helping job seekers achieve their career objectives in an employment market transformed by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

19:15 Alumni networking

The presentation will be followed by a networking session. The participants will be randomly dispatched in break out rooms by group of 3, in order to briefly introduce themselves and exchange contacts. There will be 3 rounds, each one lasting for 15 minutes. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your network!